Membership of the DRG

NOTE: The email addresses below are ONLY reachable if you are originating the email from
      within the network.  These addresses are NOT reachable from the Public Internet.

Permanent seats on the DRG:
Great Lakes Division Director            - Dale Williams    WA8EFK   (734)529-3232 /home

Section Manager [SM] - Jim Kvochick WBJK (810)220-2098

Assistant SM, Digital Technologies [ASM] - Jay Nugent WB8TKL (734)484-5105 /home

Section Emergency Coordinator [SEC] - John McDonough WB8RCR

Section Traffic Manager [STM] - Mark ???

NWSDTX DEC - Randy Love WF5X

QMN Net - Ron Schubot N8CML Appointed District Representatives: ----------------------------------------------------- District 1 ========== PRI- Jeff Frank N8HEE (313)909-3225 SEC- --none-- District 2 ========== PRI- Jay Nugent WB8TKL (734)484-5105 /home (734)649-0850 /cell SEC- --none-- District 3 ========== PRI- Jim Smith N8AVX SEC- Bob Winchester W8LSS District 5 ========== PRI- Shane Feek KC8BRO (269)271-4564 /cell SEC- Dennis Furrenes KB8OAK (517)629-8410 District 6 ========== PRI- Dave Lamer WA8RSA (616)836-1214/cell SEC- --none-- District 7 ========== PRI- Rick Mark WZ8N SEC- --none-- District 8 ========== PRI- --none--