Working Group
Operational Standards

Recommended SSID Assignments:

   At the first DRG meeting held Saturday March 5th 2005 in Lansing, here are
the suggested SSID assignments that were discussed.  Many of these are
'legacy' uses and some are new assignments.  These are not cast in stone
but are supplied here as a suggested guideline.

    SSID             PURPOSE
  =========     ===============
  none (-0)      home stations
    -1           home station personnal mailboxes (usually a TNC-based PBBS)
    -2           gateways
    -3           full-service BBS's  (those that forward mail/bulletins)
    -4           network nodes       (having two or more radio ports that
                                      perform routing functions via TCP/IP,
                                      NetROM, etc.)
                                     (Can be combined with BBS's that also
                                      perform routing)
    -5           console/keyboard -or- printer
    -6           conference bridges
    -7           NetROM/X1J/Knet/BPQ nodes
    -8           cross-band digipeaters
    -9           mobile / modats
   -10           WL2K
   -11             - unassigned -
   -12             - unassigned -
   -13             - unassigned -
   -14             - unassigned -
   -15           (often used as a downlink address when exiting the far
                  end of a network connection)