Working Group

Purpose of this Working Group:

The purpose of the D-Star Working Group is to discuss, design, and implement the use of D-Star technology in the Michigan digital networks.

Objectives of this Working Group:

The primary objectives of the D-Star Working Group is to examine and discuss various networking techniques, deploy and test those techniques, determine usefullness and the feasability of deployment of such networks. The group will also provide resource material and training for persons interested in a wide range of D-Star networking solutions.

Members of this Working Group:

      Glenn Wright       KA8E  

      Jay Nugent         WB8TKL     (734)484-5105
      Ray Larabee        N8LRF
      John Martin        KF8KK
      Ron Schubot        N8CML

Next meeting of this Working Group:

- no date or location has been set -
- discussions will be conducted on the DRG mailing list -

Known frequencies in Michigan using D-Star:

145.24 --- Shiawassee county (W8SHI)
145.67 --- Commonly used Simplex
147.32 --- Digital Voice Only - Muskegon Repeater
444.0625 --- K8GLD - Hamburg Township (under construction)
444.0625 --- WB8COX Open DStar project - Lake County (under construction)
449.1125/444.1125 --- "NMARES" NM8ES in Elmira, Otsego County

John Ficher KC8UNY from Grand Haven and the President of the North Ottawa Club was the winner of the D Star Repeater System in Dayton.

MARC coordinated freqs:
VHF: 147.01, 147.03, 147.05, 147.07, 147.09
UHF: 444.0125, 444.0375, 444.0625, 444.0875, 444.1125

Known frequencies in Michigan using APCO P25:

KC8LTS Detroit 147.33-TX 147.93-RX NAC 293 C4FM modulation 2.5 KHz deviation
(was 146.500/147.500)